A Celtic Adventure Story

August 21, 2007

Three Doves, A Bell, A Cross, And A Candle is the first of three books about early Christianity in Ireland authored by Pastor Peter Olson. Pastor Peter is from a Lutheran and Fellowship of Christian Assemblies background with much experience in journalism. His experience as a journalist shines through in his writing.
Per is a young Viking prince in 6th century Norway. Although he’s the heir to the throne, he realizes there may be more for him.  From an Irishman captured on a raid, Per learns of the one true God and of the fame of St. Patrick. He also has a vision of a young woman who will become his wife. Per sets off with his closest friends for Ireland. Not only will they encounter faithful Irish Christians willing to mentor them, but they will also encounter hostile kings, pagan priests waiting to lure them into a trap, love/romance, imprisonment, and miracles.

The characters are colorful  and easy for us to relate to. The story moves in an easy flow from one adventure to the next. I believe this story, though fictional, gives a great account of what Celtic Christianity of the time must have been like.


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