Communities in Action

April 9, 2008

With the rise of interest in Celtic Christianity, many are starting to seek out modern-day counterparts to this early Celtic Church. While many groups within Christianity have some practices similar to that of the early Celts, the early Celtic Church was unique.

Not only did the Celtic Church come out of the monastic tradition, the monastic tradition of the Celts, particuarly in Ireland, was unique.  The Celtic monasteries were not only places of prayer, but places of work for clergy, religious, and families.  The early monastery and church typically had a full settlement develop around it. There was less of a clergy/laity distinction, which changed with the more hierarchial style of the Roman Catholic Church.

Such a community would be hard to replicate in this day and age.  Indeed, this was probably what set the early Celtic Church apart.  There are modern communities that are Celtic-oriented in their spirituality, and have helped renew interest in Celtic tradition. Among these are the Northumbria and Iona communities.

More Info:

The Celtic Way of Evangelism by George G. Hunter


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