Halloween is approaching, and with it comes assertions that it, and the following All Saints’ Day, are satanic holidays. One belief commonly held is that covens of witches invite the devil into their midst on this night, among others. I’ve seen this and other allegations made by people opposed to celebrating any feasts other than the Jewish feasts of the Old Testament.  What do you think about these allegations of Halloween being satanic?

My thoughts:

1. A lot of Christians don’t “celebrate” Halloween. All Saints’ has standing as a separate commemoration altogether, since Nov. 1  wasn’t even the original celebration date. No Christian church actually recognizes Halloween as a holiday.

2. Most modern practicioners of witchcraft have no belief in a devil. Whatever one may think of their practices, any information should be accurate.

3.  It’s always seemed to me that expecting Christians to reject most holidays, but still observe the feasts designated for the Jewish people alone is very legalistic, not to mention inconsistant.

There are additional points to be made, but this is for starters.