Some quick facts:

Theobald Wolfe Tone 1791 – 1828

*Founded the Society of United Irishmen

*Made a serious effort to bring Catholic & Protestants together

*Chose to commit suicide rather than be executed by the English

Robert Emmet (1778 – 1803)

*His father was a physician

*Ended up a fugitive due to some rash actions on the part of some of his followers

*Executed in a manner similar to that of William Wallace (aka Braveheart)

Charles Stewart Parnell (1846 – 1891)

*Was nicknamed the “Uncrowned King of Ireland”, most famous for his support of home rule and land reforms

*Had an American-born mother

*Is buried in the same cemetary as Michael Collins

Roger Casement (1864-1916)

*He had an Anglican father and Catholic mother, was raised Anglican, and converted to Catholicism the night before his death

*Received knighthood in 1911 for humanitarian efforts, but was later stripped of it for supporting the Irish cause

*Was behind an unsuccessful effort to gain German support for the Irish rebellion

Robert Erskine Childers (1870–1922)

*Was vocal in denouncing British action during the Second Boer War

*Smuggled German weapons for the Easter Rebellion aboard his yacht

*Killed by Irish Free state agents

Countless Irish men & women, Catholic, Anglican, Presbyterian, those of other faiths or no faith, gave their lives or otherwise labored for freedom for their fellow Irish. Let’s make sure they’re always remembered!