Some quick facts:

Theobald Wolfe Tone 1791 – 1828

*Founded the Society of United Irishmen

*Made a serious effort to bring Catholic & Protestants together

*Chose to commit suicide rather than be executed by the English

Robert Emmet (1778 – 1803)

*His father was a physician

*Ended up a fugitive due to some rash actions on the part of some of his followers

*Executed in a manner similar to that of William Wallace (aka Braveheart)

Charles Stewart Parnell (1846 – 1891)

*Was nicknamed the “Uncrowned King of Ireland”, most famous for his support of home rule and land reforms

*Had an American-born mother

*Is buried in the same cemetary as Michael Collins

Roger Casement (1864-1916)

*He had an Anglican father and Catholic mother, was raised Anglican, and converted to Catholicism the night before his death

*Received knighthood in 1911 for humanitarian efforts, but was later stripped of it for supporting the Irish cause

*Was behind an unsuccessful effort to gain German support for the Irish rebellion

Robert Erskine Childers (1870–1922)

*Was vocal in denouncing British action during the Second Boer War

*Smuggled German weapons for the Easter Rebellion aboard his yacht

*Killed by Irish Free state agents

Countless Irish men & women, Catholic, Anglican, Presbyterian, those of other faiths or no faith, gave their lives or otherwise labored for freedom for their fellow Irish. Let’s make sure they’re always remembered!



An answer to the common red hair and blue eyes found among the Irish, among other stuff…

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